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archaeology excavated primitive pseudodon paleoanthopologist weathering rudimentary

At first, I had no clue where to start, and I didn't really understand what I was being told to do. "...Create a new history webpage about the oldest geometric art.." I thought it meant I was suppose to look into famous artists art work and recite. So, instead of jumping to conclusions of my own I searched and clarified "...oldest geometric art..." I found an inturesting webpage about a fossil that has zigzag marks on the shell. I read and researched about the shells age. I found that the shell is 500,000 years old.

Of course, I read the webpage and it gave me background on how the archaeologist found the shell, where they found it, who they went to for deeper info on it. Cearly this was a debate between two sides, we (human beings) can only assume what time and where an ancient artifact was/is. So, the webpage gave a breif veiw of the debate and what had happened.

The shell is considered the oldest geometric art, researchers claim.