part of speech: noun

Sentence from text: The students were looking forward to the triathlon.

Definition : an athletic contest that is a long-distance race consisting of three phases (such as swimming, bicycling, and running)

Synonyms: biathlon, decathlon, heptathlon, pentathlon bout, competition, contest, event, game, match, matchup, meet, sweepstakes (also sweep-stake), tournament, tourney athletics, sport battle, conflict, scrimmage, skirmish, struggle, tug-of-war, tussle championship, national(s) final, nightcap, play-off, semifinal derby, field day, gymkhana, open, outing marathon, race, ultramarathon heat, round, run, set

Near Antyonyms: Sit, sleep, lame (slang),...

Other forms of word: none

My own sentence: My step-father and I were planning on particapating in a triathlon, we even had bikes and the gear, but due to the pandemic it was canceled.

My sketch: None yet

First known use: 1973

History and Etymology: tri- + -athlon (as in decathlon)