part of speech: adjective

Sentence from text: The bullets from early firearms were notorious for not following a strictly linear path through the air

Definition: a straight line : STRAIGHT (2): involving a single dimension b(1): of the first degree with respect to one or more variables (2): of, relating to, based on, or being linear equations, linear differential equations, linear functions, linear transformations, or linear algebra c(1): characterized by an emphasis on line linear art (2): composed of simply drawn lines with little attempt at pictorial representation linear script d: consisting of a straight chain of atoms a linear molecule 2: elongated with nearly parallel sides linear leaf — see LEAF ILLUSTRATION 3: having or being a response or output that is directly proportional to the input 4: of, relating to, or based or depending on sequential development linear thinking

Synonyms: direct, right, straight, straightaway, straightforward

Antyonyms: sideways

Other forms of word: linearity noun linearly adverb

My sentence: I like to not draw linear art.

My sketch:

First known use: circa 1656

History and Etymology: none