part of speech: verb

Sentence from text: To convey sympathy to a bereaved parent by telephone struck him as maladroit …

Definition: 1a: to bear from one place to another especially : to move in a continuous stream or mass b: to impart or communicate by statement, suggestion, gesture, or appearance struggling to convey his feelings c: to transfer or deliver (something, such as property) to another especially by a sealed writing d: to cause to pass from one place or person to another convey a message e(1)archaic : STEAL (2)obsolete : to carry away secretly 2

Synonyms: communicate, conduct, give, impart, spread, transfer, transfuse, transmit

Antyonyms: none

Other forms of word: none

My sentence: I was supposed to convey this crate.

My sketch:

First known use: 14th century

History and Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French conveer to accompany, escort, from Vulgar Latin *conviare, from Latin com- + via way