9/25/20 Review


  1. Is your nutritional plan supporting your performance goals?
  2. Are your coping mechanisms managing your emotional pain?


  1. List the rectangles with area 36 square meters.
  2. How many rectangles have perimeter 36 miles?
  3. List the first thirteen perfect squares.
  4. Compute the square roots of the first thirteen perfect squares.
  5. Write 700½ in binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, and sexagesimal.
  6. Solve x5 = 32.
  7. Solve 4n = 64.


  1. Classify matter according to its water solubility.
  2. What is the average atomic mass of 2 hydrogen atoms?
  3. Draw simple Bohr models of no more than 3 of the isotopes of beryllium.
  4. Provide the linnaean taxonomy of Cinnabear.
  5. Draw and label the human skeleton.


  1. Update your timeline.
  2. How did the Agricultural Revolution lead to class stratification?


  1. Write a short story using five of your favorite words. Underline them.
  2. List the types of sentences and the parts of speech they require.