Summary for October 22, 2020

For each of the following domains, give a brief account of
  1. the questions/tasks you researched,
  2. what you learned/gained in the process, and
  3. the questions/tasks which arose from your research.
Be thorough and use your best English!

Sorry, I only know English. You have not taught me 'best English' yet.

Agency (goals, plans, results, teamwork, coping)


Sciences (logic, mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, psychology, etc.)

I began with square roots-using prime numbers. There was much struggle in that hour - having to stop and look for my ruler, which I never found. Then searching through my notes as well.

Later I switched to a different problem, this problem took me a while to grasp. Dave had explained to me last week a different way to find the answer, a shortcut really. I struggled understanding the shortcut, and when I had taken my test (10/16/20) I still hadn't had a good grasp still, so I didn't bother. During the hour I asked Dave for some guidence. Now I have a better understanding for this shortcut!

Past, Present & Future


Language (vocabulary, grammar, literature, foreign languages)

I spent the time rewriting-typing the definition, synonyms, antonyms, other forms of word, and sentences for centres. Then I did the same for bewilder.

Athletics (nutrition, strength, taekwondo, energy, mood)


Was your performance unsatisfactory, satisfactory, or excellent? Why?