11/09/20 Test

For each numbered task, rewrite the problem. When appropriate, provide your analysis of the problem and your proof of the solution. You may not consult anyone or anything except your own brain. Once you begin, you have four hours to complete the test. Good luck and think well!

  1. Present one of your goals, your plan to accomplish it, and discuss your progress.
  2. Determine the rectangle which uses 50 yards of border to enclose the greatest area.
  3. Determine the rectangle which encloses 120 square kilometers with the least perimeter.
  4. Construct and name a parallelogram and a rectangle with equal areas.
  5. List twelve fractions which are equivalent to 63/81. Include and identify the irreducible among them.
  6. Write 147/2, 147/4, 147/5, 147/8, 147/10, 147/20, 147/25, 147/50, and 147/100 in decimal.
  7. Which fractions terminate with n in base b radix?
  8. Write an equation for each representation of a4.
  9. Explain what isotopes are and give an example.
  10. List and describe the branches of the U.S. government.
  11. Discuss the relationship between justice and freedom.
  12. Write a five paragraph essay defending the pro-life position.
  13. Compare and contrast your life to that of the inhabitants of Anatevka in Fiddler On The Roof.

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