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For each numbered task, rewrite the problem. When appropriate, provide your analysis of the problem and your proof of the solution. You may not consult anyone or anything except your own brain. Once you begin, you have four hours to complete the test. Good luck and think well!

  1. Present one of your goals, your plan to accomplish it, and discuss your progress.
  2. Give examples of how you apply the five moral principles of taekwon-do in your daily life.
  3. Discuss what To Kill A Mockingbird and Origin Story have taught you about the human condition.
  4. Construct a parallelogram and a rectangle with equal area.
  5. Draw three points, A, B, and C which can be contained by planes M and N simultaneously.
  6. Which fractions require one and only one nonzero digit in binary?
  7. Which fractions terminate with 5 in decimal?
  8. Explain how to convert terminating decimals to irreducible fractions.
  9. Explain how to write multiples of the common fractions as decimals.
  10. Compute the powers of b in radix b.
  11. Count the representations of xn.
  12. Create 5 ounces of solution that is one part salt to 4 parts water.
  13. What is the Doppler Effect?
  14. The government doesn't care about us so why should we care about the government? Take a position and justify it.
  15. Write an essay about Hinton's exploration of prejudice in The Outsiders.
  16. Discuss the similarities between Fiddler On The Roof and East-Side Sushi.